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Sat Sri Akal,

Welcome to my Homepage.

This site is dedicated to the memory of my parents as well as my ancestors

My name is Raja Gursarinder Singh Sidhu S/O Sarwan Singh Sidhu S/O Kishen Singh Africawale S/O Jwala Singh Sidhu.

I am married to Swaraj, we have 2 lovely daughters Aanya and Sacha and a beautiful son called Shiven.

I have a wonderful sister and her name is Sarwarinder Saran.She is married to a man who is indeed my brother Baljinder Singh Saran.

We are a small but closely knit family.We are all successful in our individual fields and this is a way of paying respect to our fathers and forefathers so that they can still live amongst us.

Sometimes we need to look back and reflect before we can go forward.

As the saying goes....

"For a tree to be tall and strong it needs good roots"

I truly believe i have been blessed.



My beloved Father Sarwan Singh passed away 31/01/03 at 11.15am and my dearest mother Davinder Kaur passed away 20/10/06 at 1.30pm and even though they are gone, they have not been forgotten.


This photo was taken in 1968






my 3 Devis




A brief history of my family:

My Great Grandfather Jwala Singh Sidhu was a Vaid of the Village and was highly respected.That is all i know of him as he perished before i was born.

My Grandfather Kishen Singh Sidhu was born circa 1905 and married my Grandmother Shaam Kaur circa 1928 ,she had 2 sisters,one of which married son of Hakam Singh Brar Kothiwale of daudhar and the other married in Mallah Village.

My Father was born in 1930 and he had 3 sisters all of whom have passed away.

My grandfather went to Tanzania in the early 50s and that is where he set up a sawmill business with my father Sarwan singh Sidhu.

This business was called Sidhu Sawmills and is still operating under different ownership.

The business was very successful and they became wealthy very quickly exporting timber to Europe.

So much so that extravagance became the byword and my father used to import a brand new Cadillac every year from the states.

All my aunts and grandmother moved to Tanzania shortly after.

Circumstances changed as well as the politics of East Africa and my father was sent to study law at LSE in the late 50s.

He lived in Russell square and finished 1st year of study before feeling homesick and returning to Moshe, Tanzania to work within the family business.

My Family left East Africa for India around 1960 and my father Sarwan Singh Married my Mother Davinder Kaur Grewal from pind Gujjarwal in 1962.

I was born in oct 1964 and was 3 months old when we came to the UK.

Times were hard and after the birth of my sister bawa in 1966, we went back to India to live with my Massi in Kota,Rajesthan where my Masser was a Subedar Major in the army.

We came back to UK in march 1973 to live with our parents and it is then i remember that my parents began buying and selling property.

This also became my trait.

My Grandmother passed away in the early 80s and my grandfather passed away in 1986.


me and my beloved mum aged one


My Grandparents and my parents in Daudhar in 1974




My Beloved parents in 1986



My parents 40th Anniversary




My Dads birthday


My grandparents,parents and my sister at our house in Daudhar late 70s

My Contact Details are:

Mr G Sidhu BSc Hons MBCO

Email: Gus@Sidhu.ws